45 Minute Mold & Mycotoxins Consultation with e-Books & Handouts


45-minute mold and mycotoxins “getting started” consultation includes a discussion of your symptoms, with suggestions on how to treat them if you cannot afford the expense of functional treatment with peptides as described on the contact page. Your labs can be discussed, and the handouts offered here are a veritable “goldmine” of information you need to learn about if you have this problem, which is both environmental and physical.

Handouts and e-books included in this consultation:

  • Are Mold and Mold Toxins Making You Sick?
  • Guide to Safe Moving and Purchasing or Renting
  • How to Find a Qualified Mold Inspector
  • The Difference Between Live Mold and Mycotoxins
  • What is an ERMI Test and What Does it Measure?
  • Getting Started If You Suspect Mold Toxicity
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